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Industry Thought Leadership

Essential to being independent is thinking independently. Commonwealth Capital Management is dedicated to creating new understanding within the financial services industry to better serve our financial professionals and their clients. Part of our dedication to the communities we serve is our thought leadership: sharing ideas, solving problems, and prompting further creativity and innovation in ourselves and others.

We hope the information we provide here will benefit you and your business, and urge you to share it with others. Look back here often to ensure you don’t miss our latest additions.

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"LinkedIn Social-Selling Secrets of Financial Advisors"(Click to Fill out the form!)

Personal introductions let you build off the trust of the introducer—and LinkedIn is an excellent way to capitalize on that trust. LinkedIn Social-Selling Secrets of Financial Advisors is a how-to guide created jointly by Cetera Financial Group, Inc. and The Oechsli Institute.

It will show you how to:

  • Find ideal prospects
  • Get face-to-face introductions to potential clients
  • Craft a “voice” that resonates
  • Deliver marketing that people actually want

Whether you are already using social media to grow your client base or haven’t touched your LinkedIn account since the day you set it up, you’re sure to find this guide a valuable toolbox of ideas.

Get your copy of LinkedIn Social-Selling Secrets of Financial Advisors today.